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Traditionally, collagen used to make its way into our diets through foods like bone broths, slow-cooked organ meats, kidney pies, baked beef hearts, whole crustaceans, and whole-fish soups and stews… However, unless you’re routinely eating these types of meals, chances are you’re barely getting any naturally occurring collagen protein in your diet at all!

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Benefits for your health and beauty

Silk and smooth skin

While collagen is beneficial to the entire body, it is most noticeably beneficial to the skin. This is because as a person ages, the epidermic (outer layer of skin) thins and loses elasticity in a process known as elastosis. As this happens, a person tends to show more signs of aging and acquire more wrinkles. The good news is that these changes do not seem to be permanent or irreversible. In fact, a double-blind placebo study conducted last year found that women who took collagen regularly for 8 weeks saw a 20% reduction in wrinkles!

This means that supplemental collagen appears to help the body’s own production process improve, as procollagen is the precursor to collagen in the body.This study also showed that collagen consumption can increase skin elasticity and moisture, which also declines during the aging process.

Other Benefits

Though not as immediately noticeable, there are other benefits that might be even more important. For instance, collagen has been studied for its role in:

  • Bone and Joint Health: Collagen may be beneficial to bones and joints in the same way it benefits the skin. By helping the body’s natural production of collagen and providing a bioavailable source of these amino acids, collagen may improve bone and joint health over time. In fact, a double-blind, placebo study showed significant improvement in joint pain.

  • Hormone Balance: Emerging research shows that the specific amino acids in collagen may help improve the amino acid balance in the body and support the body’s natural hormone production.

  • Digestion: As mentioned, gelatin and collagen may help coat the digestive tract and improve digestion, and the consumption of gelatin is often recommended on gut-specific diets like GAPS and SCD.

  • Nutritional values

    Typical Amino Acid Profile

    PROFILE milligrams PROFILE miligrams
    Alanine 1,546mg Leucine 218mg
    Arginine 487mg Lysine 299mg
    Aspartic Acid 468mg Methionine 117mg
    Glutamic Acid 810mg Phenylalanine 154mg
    Glycine 3,736mg Proline 1,140mg
    Histidine 79mg Serine 342mg
    Hydroxylysine 86mg Threonine 273mg
    Hydroxyproline 888mg Tyrosine 9mg
    Isoleucine 106mg> Valine 244mg

    Average milligrams per serving naturally occurring

    Collagen Nutrition Facts

    Just how healthy is collagen (and other related proteins like gelatin) for you, really? Very! Collagen is often referred to as a “complex protein,” which is not surprising considering it contains a whopping 19 different amino acids. These include a mix of both nonessential (also called conditional) and essential types. Collagen is a particularly great way to get more conditional amino acids, like arginine, glutamine, glycine and proline.

    Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline and ArginineK

    10% of daily needs for calories

    “nonessential” amino acids are actually pretty darn important!

    so don’t let the name fool you! Under normal circumstances they’re produced by your body. However, when you’re sick, under a lot of physical or emotional stress, or otherwise unhealthy, your body may not be able to produce enough of these amino acids on its own. The body then needs help from outside sources, mainly your diet or supplements, to get its fill.

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